Four Bright Ideas for Seniors

Retirees have special planning challenges and opportunities that may make a gift to a favorite charity especially attractive.  Please call if you intend to:

  1. Sell your home and move to a retirement community—It may make sense to place the house in a trust that provides you with payments for life, a significant income tax deduction and capital gains tax savings—plus future benefits for charity.
  2. Withdraw large sums from retirement savings plans—Income taxes will reduce the amount withdrawn.  You can lessen the taxes with a planned gift that gives you a partial charitable deduction plus income for life.
  3. Name beneficiarie for retirement savings—Your heirs may face significant taxes on these benefits.  These taxes can be avoided or reduced by directing some or all of the funds to charity.
  4. Make or revise your estate plans—A well-planned estate gift or life-income gift may leave your survivors better protected while supporting charity.